CULT PSYCHOTICA is not a cult.

CULT PSYCHOTICA is not a dance.

CULT PSYCHOTICA is not a drug.

CULT PSYCHOTICA is not a hustle.

CULT PSYCHOTICA is not a movement.


OCT 6, 2017



What happened to the American psyche? Battleme’s Cult Psychotica explores our tripped up reality through Matt Drenik’s lens. Written within the first few months of the 2016 election and cut mostly live in a week long session at Drenik’s Get Loud Studio, Cult Psychotica is a conceptual landscape of heroes and losers, misguided truths and theories, urgent in its delivery and poignant in its critique of the moment. The songs were written in bursts, the lyrics in sequence. Cult Psychotica is an indictment of non-truth – a political album from a writer who has up until now eschewed overt political songwriting. The soaring “Bitch Blues” documents the country in riot while “Testament” embodies the fury of the eternal gathering. Cult Psychotica’s ten songs are an homage to a fluid and sometimes morbid dream that centers around Drenik’s vision of an urban American landscape run by shams and hustles, eventually culminating in the bloom of the “Lowlife.” It’s a reaction to the Trumponian theatre, a timely reflection on our own busted reality.

Over the course of Battleme’s seven-year plus career, Drenik has gained attention for his brand of blues-tinged psych-rock, with Esquire proclaiming, “if the Flaming Lips had written an original song for their ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ live shows, this is what it might’ve sounded like,” and Rolling Stone raving about the bands ability to create crescendos with a “Smashing Pumpkins style crunch,” while Billboard complemented the band’s “killer Queens of the Stone Age-style groove” on 2016’s release Habitual Love Songs. Drenik was also a member of LA Supergroup, The Forest Rangers, and contributed music to FX's Sons of Anarchy in the process.

Cult Psychotica will be released worldwide Oct 6, 2017 via El Camino Media. On August 25, The first single, "Testament," was featured on Total Rock's (Classic Rock Magazine, Metal Hammer) Best Tracks of the Week - "Testament comes bearing blues-based riffage of the most swashbuckling calibre." 

Matt Drenik // James Eliot Jones // Scott Noben // Randal Blaschke

Discography :

Cult Psychotica (2017) // Live at Cactus Cafe *solo (2016) // Habitual Love Songs (2016) // Future Runs Magnetic (2014) // Weight on the Brain (2013) // Battleme (2012) // Big Score (2010)


Photographer: Ray Gordon