CULT PSYCHOTICA is not a cult.

CULT PSYCHOTICA is not a dance.

CULT PSYCHOTICA is not a drug.

CULT PSYCHOTICA is not a hustle.

CULT PSYCHOTICA is not a movement.


OCT 6, 2017

"Testament" off cult psychotica

- Team Rock (UK) premiere (2017)

"No truth" off cult psychotica

- illegally leaked by Team Trump (2017)

"shake shake" off habitual love songs

- Billboard Magazine (US) premiere (2015)

"GO" off habitual love songs

- Culture Collide premiere (2016)

"JUst weight" off future runs magnetic

- Filter Magazine (US) premiere (2014)

"Post is dead" from serbian national tv

- well, that was rad (2016)

"touch" off battleme self-titled

- MTV (US) premiere. Oh, and Jonah Hill also tweeted about it.. So there's that. (2012)

"shake shake" live from kexp party

- This is what happens when the band takes mushrooms (2016)

"occupied" live from somewhere in greece

- hard to know where, and the sound is shit cellphone, but it still RULES