CULT PSYCHOTICA is not a cult.

CULT PSYCHOTICA is not a dance.

CULT PSYCHOTICA is not a drug.

CULT PSYCHOTICA is not a hustle.

CULT PSYCHOTICA is not a movement.


OCT 6, 2017

Freakout Festival (Seattle, WA)

Seattle's KEXP review of our set at Freakout Fest last weekend...

"If there was a showmanship award to be handed out at Freakout, Battleme would be a top contender. The Portland rock outfit gleefully indulged in the audience from the stage at Tractor Tavern. Lead vocalist Matt Drenik prowled the stage, possessed and hellbent on raising the stakes. His presence was as big as the music, hitting harder with each track. The band’s energy was palpable in the room, never showing a sign of letting up throughout the performance." - DH

Thanks to the Freakout Family and everyone else for making such a great show happen at the Tractor. Good times! See you next year.

photo by Brendin Nilsen

photo by Brendin Nilsen